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Along the Pacific Ocean in the beautiful southern part of California lies North San Diego County. Within North San Diego County are some wonderful towns that have so much to offer it is of little surprise that they are well known throughout the state as well as the country. The North County cities of Carlsbad, Encinitas and Del Mar offer everything a person is looking for in an active, outdoor lifestyle with excellent properties, thriving job markets, abundant parks and beaches and excellent entertainment venues. Carlsbad, Encinitas and Del Mar each have excellent schools, numerous master planned communities, beachfront and inland properties, wonderful climate and community activities that truly make each of them a desireable place to live and thrive. If you are looking in southern California you need to be looking in North San Diego County.

Carlsbad real estate

This coastal community of Carlsbad, California is located approximately 35 miles north of San Diego. The close proximity to a large metropolitan area provides many advantages while allowing for a more relaxed small town living environment.  The variety of choices offered in Carlsbad real estate are extensive with lagoon, ocean, and back country views.  Carlsbad is one of the great finds within North San Diego County.

Encinitas real estate

Just South of Carlsbad, California is the quaint city of Encinitas. This coastal oasis is sometimes referred to as Flower Growing Capital due to the past and current industry that is located among Encinitas real estate. The amazing gardens and pristine beaches makes Encinitas real estate one of the more serene places to live. The eclectic nature of Encinitas offers an excellent variety of newer and older communities to choose from when looking for the perfect home in Encinitas. Add to this the many recreational activities and a thriving downtown area and the allure of Encinitas real estate might easily surpass any Utopian site.

Del Mar real estate

Small in size but powerful in beauty and style, Del Mar is located along the southern coast of California just south of Encinitas in North San Diego County. Del Mar has a history for attracting the elite. Many recognize it for the splendor and atmosphere. Del Mar real estate is infused with a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere and residents and visitors alike revel in the tranquility.  Del Mar real estate is the perfect coastal hideaway. Whether you are looking at Carlsbad real estate, Encinitas real estate or Del Mar real estate the obvious choice is North San Diego County. These three markets are what we specialize in so contact us today so we can help you find your gem along the coast of southern California